Thursday, 5 August 2010

Trend Modifikasi 2009

Jakarta - the modification of the withdrawal will continue to crave the drug peminat automotive wherever they are. The same is the case with the modification in the two wheels that will now also start a new phase in the new year is also this.

In 2009 the world this modification will most likely be moving to a better direction. Because of this modification of the lovers go akan habits early that the problem usually only consider the appearance and form of the vehicle toward the creative side more.

"2009 most likely the modification akan lovers start thinking about 3 things, namely, or the futuristic hi tech, ekslusifitas, and detail," said pungawa from Tauco Custom, Topo Goedel Atmodjo to detikOto, Monday (12/01/2008).

The futuristic, according to the man who started a business modifications since 1994 are marked with the akan maraknya high use of gadgets such as TV on the motor and the Global Position System (GPS).

"Even a digital camera that is used as a spy has been busy start to use," said Topo.

While the eksklusifitas intended Topo is a trend 'is not' that is now starting to develop modifications to the device where the pair, made or purchased with the calculation problem eksklusifitas high.

Therefore, at this time more and more people who just want to bother looking for additional modifications are made with hand made so that the system does not have a rival.

If any should be 'forced' to buy the waste, while this modification lovers tend to buy branded device famous and expensive.

"This is, of course, aim to keep the modifications eksklusifitas mount them," said Topo.

And the better is the vehicle detail. Because at this time the automobile lovers have started a smart look in the paper the results of a modified vehicle.

"They have not seen the vehicle modifications only of the appearance alone, but also has begun to 'close' motor modifications for a closer view, detail of vehicle modifications, the" tukas Topo.

Trend Modifikasi 2009


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