Saturday 14 August 2010



The presence or familiarly called Xeon Yamaha Yamaha Mio 125 cc in Indonesia has been increasingly felt.

Even a special site about 125 cc Yamaha Xeon already appeared on the official site of Yamaha.

And what about this Xeon motor specs? Well, this time to give clarity specifications detikOto scooter Yamaha Mio Yamaha Mio 125 cc or 125 cc.

As quoted from the official site of Yamaha, Wednesday (04/28/2010) Yamaha 125 Xeon adopt cooled liquid that serves to control the temperature so the temperature at Yamaha claimed the engine remains stable.

Yamaha Xeon compression pressure is higher and more maximum power. But not explained whether the compression is higher than its competitors or scooter variants lower class below him.

For that detikOto try to compare with the Yamaha Mio Soul. As a comparison, 113.7 cc Yamaha Mio Soul, or variants of Yamaha's scooter highest current compression is 8.8: 1 with a maximum of 8.9 ps energy in 8000
rpm. While torque is 7.84 Nm at 7000 rpm. But if Yamaha claims 125 cc Yamaha Xeon higher, means it can be imagined how much compression Xeon Yamaha 125 cc.

In addition Xeon Yamaha 125 cc Cylinder DiASil also adopted a working quickly to keep the engine in order not to wear and machine condition remains stable.

Cylinder DiASil technology can also maintain long-lasting Forged Piston. Technology DiASil Forged Piston Cylinder and also immersed in Jupiter MX 135 cc.

Yamaha Throttle sensor pin on the Xeon 125 cc, so in addition to fuel economy, acceleration is also better because it fit with the opening of the carburetor, and RPMs.

While for the exhaust, 125 cc Yamaha Xeon contain elements of sportiness. Where pinned protective heat shock and the use of catalysts which function to reduce excessive exhaust emissions. Given that Yamaha claims 125 cc Xeon very friendly environment.

While the watchlist detikOto some time ago, the body size of 125 cc Yamaha Xeon is not far different from the big body of Suzuki SkyDrive almost the same alias. And for a fancy, Xeon also uses the cover of dusk light handlebar.

Add curious huh? Patiently waiting on the game later on Friday, April 30, 2010.


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