Sunday 15 August 2010


The modification was the action kind to change something that the cloud became better with the addition that his characteristics were simple and that was modern. The modification in the era 2008 this more often headed in the hobby and often to things that became pleasure someone. The example of the matter that in the modification in part was the motor, the cellular phone, the car, clothes in fact had the form of the modification that his characteristics ekstreme. Someone who modified the form from the body part, the face and the other member. Did not close the possibility in this very sophisticated year the form of the modification will develop very fast until heading that still more areas like the method gave birth, the marriage method and possibly sacred matters then were able in the modification to become the matter that was not again sacred to fill the person's wish that wanted the modification.

One of the types of the motor and the current in the most popular modification at this time was Streetfighter the alias petarung the street. Not only in Indonesia this current it was considered represented appetite of the lovers tampilan solid and scoured, but also in countries from this current namely Europe (especially England and Germany) and North America.

Streetfighter personally original him anxious the term that anxious used for deliberate motors dikastem (anxious modified) by replacing several components body, and sometimes also scraped out the machine in order to be seen more angresif in fact tighter

If you the owner of the sport motor, the modification was the menu. Very nearly unavoidable. Moreover if you were involved in the wheel community two certain. Whether the club, the forum, as far as the motor community in the office or domisili even. The requirement to appear the style through to the function as the official in the convoy could drag you to the modification workshop.

Two new motors that at this time were the subject of conversation everywhere important was operated on by the possibility of his modification. The pulsar and V-Ixion. We will use 3 categories that could be made the discussions material. First body, second foot-foot, the three machines. Whatever that was prettier, whatever that was more horrifying.


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