Saturday 14 August 2010


honda tiger mnodif yakuzaHonda Tiger 2003 aliran Yakuza

modif honda tiger like yakuza gangs, Experience had lived in Japan make Deny kekangenannya wreak on his Honda Tiger 2003. Of all that exists in the land of the Rising Sun, he was impressed with the Yakuza. Hooked mafia gangs who play the pieces. "Choose a theme, the essence and gahar Jepun," said Deny.

custom air scoop honda tigerSetang custom dengan sein yang di air scoop

Agus Djanuar coincidence, the body builder who hooked cut the motor, fitted to receive bids from Deny. "These motorcycles do not cut up the chassis so mutilated because the owner wanted to keep the luggage rack can be used," said Agus. Agus instead insert a little taste of Europe.

honda tiger yakuza gangsKnalpot custom dengan desain sadel ekor itik

This combination is seen in front and the wing tank sepatbor a taper design-oriented Japan. Medium European elements shown in the contours of the subtle but dynamic.

Subsequent formation of the formation deltabox. Agus deliberately given deltabox to connect with the design of the wing tank, do not make a taper. Mr. reasoned. DJ - ordinary Agus addressed, despite never playing DJ.

modif honda tiger yakuzaLikewise the rear tail, the tail is double seater synch with the front which has a simple groove. Juxtaposed light sweet variety and have a form with the cutting nungging backbone chassis starting center. Instead given a new chassis with a rear pipe as a holder body.

The legs are also given the combination of the Asia Europe. Forelegs jammed components from the East, beginning next sokbreker inverted or upside down, collar up, or the braking deceleration device grimy Suzuki GSX750. Finally, the stern of the swing-arm stuffed Cagiva Mito rim combination and Honda CBR400 Kawasaki monosok ZXR1000.

One thing worth thumbs up from cultivated Agus, ie, custom handlebars are 80 inches wide, there are spies and seinnya. Here, safety is still considered by Agus. "Material use 22.4 mm diameter circular pipe," said Agus who the boss's house Bike Design modifications XK's. (Andika)

Front tire: Battlax 120/70-17
Rear tire: Battlax 160/60-17
Front rim: GSX750
Rear rim: CBR400
Handlebar: 80 cm Pipe
Exhaust: Custom
Tank: Handmade
X-K Bike Design: 0816-6929-64


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