Sunday 22 August 2010

AC Sports Car Cobra MK VI

The 2010 AC Cobra MK VI is the reincarnation of the AC Cobra, which is arguably the greatest sports car icon. The new AC Cobra gets its design cues from the older model but incorporates modern technology, taking the AC Cobra to the twenty-first century. The 2010 AC Cobra MK VI has a jig-welded round-tube space-frame chassis that is fully triangulated and has a suspension that is derived from the race car.
AC Cobra MK VI
The 2010 Cobra is powered by a Corvette V8 6.2-liter engine that has a horsepower of 437 bhp and 647 bhp for the GT and GTS versions respectively which enables to reach 60 mph within 3.3 seconds. It is also fitted with 4-pot Porsche brake calipers with vented discs. The 2010 Cobra’s aluminum-hybrid body, which is handmade to ensure that it endures forever, has a bigger air-conditioned cabin to guarantee comfort for taller drivers. The interior of the 2010 AC Cobra MK VI is outfitted in the top-quality leather hides and German carpets.
The AC MkVI, a faithful recreation of the ultimate sports car icon - the AC Cobra, is now being produced in Germany for sale in Europe. AC has entered into a long term strategic alliance with Gullwing GmbH in Heyda, Germany. The AC MkVI is being produced in a modern facility and AC is extremely proud of the quality of the finished product which is due to the skills of the craftsmen at the Heyda facility.
"AC is one of the most admired and respected marques in the world," stated Juergen Mohr, CEO of Gullwing GmbH. "Their sports cars ignited a passion that still burns inside enthusiasts today. For over a century, the company has built cars with superb engineering, old world craftsmanship and classic designs. We feel extremely honoured that we can now be part of the future of the brand."
Alan Lubinsky added: "There are two major new features on the AC MkVI. We are especially excited about the new aluminium-hybrid body construction on the AC MkVI. This provides the AC MkVI with a traditional aluminium finish on the bodyshell, together with a strong composite structure. In addition to this, the AC MkVI will have as standard equipment a light weight gullwing hardtop, with coupled to the standard air conditioning, will provide drivers with total all weather motoring.
The AC MkVI is an open-top sports car based on the design of the Le Mans winning AC Cobra with many of the original car's characteristics while incorporating modern technology. The cars are not imitations - they are new generation of AC Cobra incorporating relevant advanced technology. "Every year approximately 1,500 copies of the cars AC built in the 1960s are sold in America," says Alan Lubinsky. 
"Why would anyone buy a replica when they can own an authentic AC roadster that is lighter and better and has been engineered and built to such demanding standards?" Weighing only about 1,025 kg, the lightweight AC MkVI GTS sports car can hit 100 kph in approximately 3.3 seconds. "The AC MkVI is wickedly addictive," says Gullwing's Juergen Mohr.
"One drive in this scorchingly fast sports car creates an adrenalin rush that will last a lifetime. The AC MkVI offers heritage, performance and timeless styling that stirs the soul." The AC chassis has been at the heart of some of the most legendary cars in history. Texan Carroll Shelby imported a number of rolling chassis from AC in the 1960s to build the legendary "Cobras" that dominated international sports car racing. 
The Shelby American team inserted a performance tuned Ford V8 and gearbox into a chassis and body supplied by AC for the North American market. Since then AC has manufactured a car that has been imitated by numerous companies. AC expects to appoint a distribution network in Europe in the coming months to sell and maintain the AC MkVI.


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