Thursday 5 August 2010

Honda Revo Hottest Graphic Airbrush Contest

Honda Revo Hottest Graphic Airbrush ContestHonda Revo Hottest Graphic Airbrush Contest

No useless wander away from Bandung to Palembang, and this is good enough for young people. The reason Ian Suryana, 27 are from Bandung have found life and love of the automotive two-wheeler. Proven in Palembang he could live independently and successfully making modifications to the motorcycle airbrush favorite Revo. Isabella thus the nickname given by the owner for the Revo lansiran 2007.

Interested in Graphis and consider modifications to appear prominently in color application "ngejreng", and also thanks to the advice and opinion from friends in Palembang clubnya Motor Club was chosen airbrush with pink Graphis. This decision was taken based on the consideration that in Palembang for color Graphis is still relatively small, so says the man who has a service bureau business vehicle registration is extended. Airbrush work is entrusted to the Posyan garage located in the city of Flower, the cost spent around Rp 7 million.

There is one interesting thing at the exact legs alloy, in order to align with the bright display Ian chose the material thickness of 1 cm ACRILYC as a replacement wheel. "The purpose of the use ACRILYC so it looks increasingly merged with bodinya bright, although not part dibrush", he said.

Sector support legs, the device chosen suspension system with a custom system upside down. Other tools available in the form of wheel braking system, in the front still rely KALIPER Revo's rear while braking device was placed in a Satria.

Standard engine and racing away from the impression, then all the components contained in the original kitchen aka runway still had not changed one bit. Chrome coating color into all parts of the machine for the Revo. Only look at the stern exhaust some fruit with extraordinary measures.


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