Thursday, 5 August 2010

Chopper Concept Motorcycles Modification

Chopper Concept Motorcycles ModificationChopper Concept Motorcycles Modification

Starting from a hobby that cultivated with diligence and different ingredients in accordance with the creations and ideas are channeled properly will result in something good, too. Including motorcycles lansiran lawas 1983 Binter this changed with the desired concept and a neat arrangement, design and construction of the Eternal Teddy prepared to follow the contest arena Djarum Black MOTODIFY Pekanbaru is located at 2009 Cut Nyak Dien Road.

Cut Nyak Dien street became a meeting point with the concept modifikator like Teddy Eternal with Binter K7 motor lawas his 200th formulated with the concept of American style low-rider or a chopper to the concept mainstay for some of the best competition. Although he thinks the contest this time Black MOTODIFY in Pekanbaru is the biggest challenge because of the oil city djuluki pretty tight competition, especially young children Pekanbaru and creative surroundings.

Binter application begins with modif style chopper to the machine is not experiencing significant changes, only the exhaust and gas tank are adjusted according to the concept of the motor mechanics Binter Heru stated. Especially adapted tank custom made chopper formation but still be able to drive a la moge. With a green screen that was entrusted to the display screen on the exterior Sikken add charm Binter fierce this chopper, coupled with this chrome in every corner of certain parts of the machine. Wheel and handlebar reinforce the concept of character you want diusungnya.

Arrangement in the front like a fork in this Binter MTB bikes to become higher with the concept of the chopper, extra rigid swingarm and brake system are formulated handmade and CB KALIPER additional intake of 400 to Nyosung plus acceleration. Binter ala Teddy maximum Eternal carried on a concept from the beginning come from the areas of Java, Holy, so the modifikator succeeded thropy The Most Extreme views of changes in total a la moge Binter a chopper.


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