Sunday, 5 September 2010

Super Cars to Fit Both You and Your Family

Super car manufacturers do not get the thrill of the maximum speed up to these days. Everyone dreams about owning a car two-seater super horse with either jumping or a raging bull in front of the hood. When it comes to reality, one chooses a car or a slot hot these days for every day use.

Imagine going shopping or to send your children to school. Can drive two-seater such as the Porsche 911 super only when you give enough space for a child or some talent Nick from a supermarket in your local. In fact, the sports car of yesteryear is a great machine built it with the authority of well-balanced and accurate camel racing, but where is the practical application for daily leadership to bring your children home from school? Porsche, sports car known company based in Stuttgart and came out with the idea of a SUV. Porsche Cayenne is the answer to the daily use of the sports car, but wait a minute, is that not out of pocket rather than a sedan? Recently introduced for cars and face-lift Quattroporte, a sedan four-door luxury sports car. Engine with 400bhp in the hands of the driver, and this is the ultimate daily driver car enthusiast and want to drive his wife or children to the market or school. Four-door sedan that allows a wide space for passengers and a boot suitable for storage of materials. This is just the right to get a car for those looking for performance and luxury, and practical application. Forget the SUV, and car daily and practical high here, with being Maserati beginning of a trend.

After the success of the Quattroporte in the fact that cars a day, has recently unveiled the latest addition to Porsche families - hatchback sedan four doors. Called the Porsche Panamera, this is the answer to the wealthy families of four or less, and seats behind the bucket seats, in fact almost identical to that front, and a strong reminder of the Porsche sports itself. And based on Porsche Cayenne Panamera, that's just it sedan instead of an SUV. With engine options up to 4.8L to 400bhp, and this car 'family' is not ashamed to great racing heritage company of its own. Porsche plans to launch a hybrid model, the Panamera too and it will certainly be a blow to those who are in search for a hybrid sports car.

Very soon there will be a tendency for the family of super 'cars were going on with the practical application of the word in the minds of everyone. Manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin has unveiled a super sedans already on the four doors, the Tags as well as the Aston Martin Rapide. Both race Genealogy and both sedan with four doors. This may help to transform the market a bit, and asked wealthy businessmen to start worrying about an extra seat or two for their families, growth, or perhaps as a limo luxury for a business trip the company at the airport - fast.

With all the major manufacturers began to move away from the production of super cars only, the company vault and their plan too. They have also renewed Ferrari California Classic to be the car daily - too bad it's still in spite of two-door.


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