Monday 27 September 2010

2010 Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupe Monaco GP Limited Edition

Following its unveiling at last month's 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the new Monaco GP limited edition version of Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupé is due to hit the French market this month when it goes on display at the Coupé-Cabriolet & SUV Motor Show in Paris. The newcomer's fluid, elegant lines are emphasized by its stunning, sporty styling which features a black roof, black exterior mirror housings and 'black shadow' wheels which contrast with the Sports Car's striking pearlescent white finish.
2010 Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupe Monaco GP
Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupé Monaco GP's performance credentials match its looks, too, thanks to its exclusive 4Control chassis with four-wheel steering which is standard equipment, as well as a range of particularly efficient powerplants. Its equipment specification places the accent on motoring enjoyment and travelling comfort with an exciting package of hi-tech, safety and comfort refinements. Designed and manufactured in France, Renault Laguna Coupé Monaco GP ranks among the best Sports Cars in its class for quality and stands out as a flagship for Renault's highend range. Two years after the first public appearance of Laguna Sports Car Coupé round Monaco's legendary race track, this limited edition version – the run of which is restricted to just 400 units – celebrates the long-standing partnership that exists between the brand and the Automobile Club de Monaco.
Available with a choice of four DPF-equipped diesel powertrains (dCi 150 with either sixspeed manual or automatic transmission, dCi 180 with six-speed manual gearbox or 3.0 V6 dCi 235 with six-speed automatic transmission) and one petrol engine (3.5 V6 240 with six-speed automatic transmission). Its 4Control chassis with four-wheel steering delivers exclusive driving pleasure, plus outstanding handling and active safety performance.
Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupé, which has emerged as the uncontested leader in its class in France thanks to the unfettered motoring enjoyment it delivers, celebrates the second anniversary of its first public appearance round Monaco's famous Grand Prix circuit in May 2008 with the release of an exclusive Monaco GP limited edition version. In addition to the elegant, uncluttered lines of this high-end Sports Car coupé's exterior, Laguna Sports Car Coupé's performance package also ensures unprecedented yet reassuring driving thrills.
Laguna Sports Car Coupé Monaco GP in association with a wide choice of engines. This groundbreaking innovation attracts customers who seek to benefit from the advantages of four-wheel steering. The nimble handling provided by the 4Control chassis both in built-up areas and on twisty roads out of town is worthy of that of a small city car (it has the same turning circle as a Clio). At the same time, the system guarantees exceptional stability, plus the road holding ability of a sporting car, not to mention unrivalled safety, e.g. when taking avoiding action or when braking in difficult conditions (asymmetric grip on slippery surfaces, optimized ESC calibration).
All the available diesel engines are equipped with a particulate filter and comply with Euro5 legislation. They are available with a manual gearbox or automatic transmission to combine driving enjoyment with efficient and responsive sports cars performance:
- The affordable and economical dCi 150 (110kW) is acclaimed for its dynamic performance. Mated to the six-speed manual gearbox, it returns appreciably low combined cycle fuel consumption of just 5.7 litres/100km (equivalent to CO2 emissions of 149g/km). Versions with six-speed automatic transmission combine punch and response, yet remain very affordable.
- The sportier, more powerful and torquier dCi 180 (131kW) powerplant stands out as a surprisingly attractive compromise for its class. With 400Nm of torque available from as low as 2,000rpm, it accelerates crisply and smoothly, and contributes to the impeccable directional stability of the 4Control chassis. Even so, its combined cycle fuel consumption remains contained at 6.2 litres/100km (163g of CO2/km).

- The top end of the range naturally features the 3.0 V6 dCi 235 which drives through a six-speed automatic transmission. This three-litre block (2,993cc) stands out as a benchmark in terms of its dynamic performance, driving pleasure and silent ride. Peak power is 235hp (173kW), while maximum torque stands at 450Nm. Thanks to these vital statistics, Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupé V6 dCi 235 accelerates from standstill to 100kph in 7.3 seconds, yet its combined cycle fuel consumption does not exceed 7.2 litres/100km (189g of CO2/km). Special attention has been paid, too, to its acoustic performance: in addition to its silence at normal speeds, a perceptible bark when accelerating and during transient phases irresistibly suggests performance.
The 240-horsepower (175kW) 3.5 V6 petrol engine delivers maximum torque of 330Nm at 4,400rpm. It drives through the same six-speed automatic transmission as the V6 diesel and covers the 1,000-metre standing start in 27.6 seconds. Although an ideal match for Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupé's dynamic credentials, its combined cycle fuel consumption is just 9.9 litres/100km (230g of CO2/km).
Renault Laguna Sports Car Coupé Monaco GP will be available at Renault dealers in June, with prices starting from €38,800. Order books open early-Mai. Ordering for the latest addition to the Laguna Coupé range is open now, ahead of deliveries in July. Production for the white hot limited edition ends in September.


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