Wednesday 22 September 2010

2010 MG Sport Cars TF 85th Anniversary

A few months ago MG presented a special version of its TF, the 85th Anniversary . At that time there were no interesting images of this model, but a recently emerged showing him incredibly. In the summer of 2009, two new MGs were being launched to join the highly successful MG TF LE500; the affordable MG TF 135 and a unique new MG that is being produced to mark the 85th Anniversary of the brand, the MG TF 85th Anniversary.
2010 MG TF 85th Anniversary
Jack Safiruddin, Sales & Aftersales Operations Manager for MG, said. "With summer kicking in, the launch of two new cars and our recent scrappage announcement regarding a £2000 reduction on the price of a new MG, the next few months will be a very tempting time for customers to get the new sports car they have always wanted."
The greatly anticipated MG TF 135 will be launched shortly and is sure to appeal to motorists who want sports car fun at a highly competitive price. Good levels of trim and equipment including a Clarion ICE system, combine with a price tag that will broaden its appeal and bring it within the budget of many more people. The TF 135 will hit showrooms shortly, offering all the fun and appeal of a convertible sports car at a highly affordable £13,511 OTR.
This special version differs from the conventional in several respects. For the new colors, a central line that runs almost everywhere, by an impressive tires, an air intake of a different design, graphics and a new air intake on the side, a rear reformed, and by a more pronounced spoiler. A unique MG TF is being launched to mark the 85th Anniversary of the MG brand. The MGTF 85th Anniversary will be a great looking car with fantastic handling.
This is the perfect car for taking out on the highway for a lazy Sunday. The true genius behind the design and engineering of the MG is the small but performance enhanced 1.8L 16v 135bhp 4 cylinder DOHC with its 5 speed manual transmission.
It may only pack a four cylinder engine but with performance at the forefront of it’s design, this MG can reach speeds of up to 127mph/205kph. Another cool feature on all MG’s is the patented multi-port fuel injection system. This means that the power is better distributed inside of the cylinder chamber. It’s like having a HEMI enveloped into a smaller package.
Other performance features on the new MG TF include the fact that it can go from 0-60mph in just 8.4 seconds.Available in three special colours overlaid with striking graphics and a new design of alloy wheel, from the outside the car looks sensational. The cabin is stunning too as the specialist graphics continue with monogrammed sill finishers and gear knob which complement new stylish Aubergine leather trim and a high quality ICE system.
Apart from the stunning look, the new TF 85th Anniversary model also benefits from a ride and handling package that's tuned to make this car unique to drive. Bilstein suspension, Eibach anti roll system, lower ride height, an all new anti torsion pack and a modified wheel set up on Rimstock 'Twisted Pepper' style wheels give the 85th Anniversary edition a grown up feel and very precise handling at high speeds.
The price is very interesting for Great Britain , is £ 15,664 , but apparently for some skills that made the Government your cost will be in the £ 13,664
With the fully loaded and highly specified MG TF LE500, the extremely affordable MG TF 135 and the tightly handling MG 85th Anniversary, MG now offers a family of cars that give existing owners looking for something new, as well as prospective customers who just want to enjoy British mid engined, top down sports car driving, some real choices.


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