Thursday 9 September 2010

Mini Cars

It was back in the late 1950s when the car is the first Mini rolled off the first assembly line in England. Fuel rationing has started in England, which was the catalyst for creating unique and this at the time, one of a kind car is quickly becoming a symbol of the British.

Mini was produced from 1959 until as recently as 2000, when production ceased BMC) British cars cars) because of lagging sales. It seems that most of the buyers cars years have developed a taste for less economic and more a more dynamic design models of foreign competition.

However, it was subsequently sold to BMW in 2001 and production was resumed once again under the name of the new BMW Mini. The recent rise in fuel prices, which sent the price of gasoline soared as much as 5 dollars a gallon in the United States that has brought a new generation of car buyers once again to re-discover this jewel in the crown of the car.

He pointed out that the Mini apart from other small cars such as Volkswagen Beatles that had preceded it, was that the Mini, while being small and economical fuel consumption and in spite of that, and far more extensive than the inside of the car. This was achieved by placing the engine side and extend beyond the wheel base to the edge of the cars.

While the measured dimensions of the mini 10'X4'X4 just 'The objective of the three man design team that created it is that a full 80% of the total area of the cars is the mandate of passengers and their luggage. They actually did not achieve this objective, and therefore the reasons which led to the unique shape clothes nest box.

As designs go, the clothes were quite original background with those being the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S models. However, over the years of the new design modifications and changes to allow a prostitute is not looking to become Mini mathematical formulas so much. However, it was three victories clothes in the Monte Carlo Rally in the 60s that really caught the eye in the world, with regard to sporting potential.

Although the Mini has landed roles in a number of movies over the years, it was roles in the recent popular comic spy Austin states that perhaps most famous for. Although Austin Powers led the Jaguar, Mini and clear in the number of impressions in many cameo fill the streets in the background.

In recent years, sales of the Mini has chosen to once again even with the help of changes in the new design a few and being equipped with the safety airbag to make it compatible with the standards of British car. Has also been introduced four new models to the public in recent years, as well as slightly modified by the name of the Mini from Mini.

Another factor for the resurgence of the popularity of car buying public is tired of the so-called fuel efficient cars to turn Tom be narrow and lacking in style. Mini but can always be counted on to carry four passengers in all parts of comfort and elegance, while providing excellent fuel consumption and it also sells for a reasonable price.


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