Thursday 9 September 2010

Ferrari Reveals 599 GTO, Its Fastest Road Car Ever

Ferrari Reveals 599 GTO
Ferrari says that its 599 GTO will be the fastest production car it has ever built.

The new Ferrari 599 GTO may not have the supercar looks of a McLaren MP4-12C or a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, but it should be right up there with those two in terms of speed and quickness.

Ferrari revealed the 599 GTO on Thursday in pictures, videos and specs over the Internet. Only a very limited number will be built. It is a homologation model for the Ferrari 599XX racecar, which has been sold to a few customers for GT competition.

“On the 599XX we have managed to make a vehicle that nobody else has ever made,” said Amadeo Felisa, the chief executive of Ferrari, in a video on the Ferrari Web site. “With structure and an architecture with the front engine, we have obtained a vehicle that nobody else will be able to equal in performance.”


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