Tuesday 7 September 2010

2010 AF-10 Arash Sports Car

Arash Motor Company was born out of a passion for cars, the allure of beauty and the thrill of driving the seemingly end less acceleration of a thoroughbred engine. The engine, or better still, the soul of the AF10 is designed to withstand the punishment of motor racing and we’re sure it will excite even the most accomplished of drivers.
2010 AF-10 Arash
The superlative handling of a chassis designed by leaders in their field combined with extraordinarily forceful braking performance will make you question whether the tyres will still be intact when you climb out. The AF10 seduces and excites on every level with it’s distinctive silhouette and exceptional performance.
Design of the Arash AF10 began in 2005 with styling sketches and renderings. Gradually the design evolved into computer models and aerodynamic CFD mesh models. Finally the finished car was revealed in October 2008.
Powering the Arash AF10 is a GM sourced, mid-mounted, 7.0 litre, V8 which produces 550 bhp @ 6,000 rpm. This is connected to a Grazianno 6-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels. This drivetrain allows the AF10 to reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, and go on to a 204 mph top speed.
The Arash AF10 features a full carbon and steel frame chassis with steel front and rear crash structures and cradles. Covering the chassis is an all carbon fiber body with honeycomb and nomex sandwiches to achieve weight reductions and add rigidity.
The aerodynamic body of the Arash AF10 includes unusual features like the radical front wing which is separated from the main body, and prominent air intake side pods. These features have been influences by Le Mans and F1 race cars, however they also perform specific functions for the overall performance of the car. Split radiators have been used at the front and Oil radiators are positioned in the side pods.
The modular carbon chassis of the Arash AF10 is super light and super strong. This structure is made up of 13 parts assembled into a jig and bonded at temperature.
An estimated 25 Arash AF10 cars will be manufactured per year with a small number being delivered to the US market.
About Arash Cars:
Arash Cars was established in March 2006 and has been working on the AF10 ever since. The styling drawings were made in March 2005 by Arash Farboud Designs and have since been converted into computer models and aerodynamic cfd mesh models.
The company is located in Sawston on the outskirts of Cambridge. Most testing will be conducted at Millbrooke proving grounds 20 miles away from the company. The facility in Sawston Cambridge is equipped with a styling studio, painting booth, carbon lamination room, parts despatch area, carbon curing autoclave oven and polished epoxy floored car assembly stations. A board room and administration offices are also located at the site.
Arash Cars have designed a traditionally shaped badge with an eagle emblem. The background colour is solid black and the foreground eagle is in gold. The 'Arash' emblem is in flame orange.


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