Sunday 26 July 2009

Two New Ferrari 599s

Great news to all Ferrari fans! The Ferrari 599 GTB can now be modified with the brand new Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione package. The new system boosts the suspension set up with the addition of new springs, readjusted shock absorbers, and antiroll bars. The height has been lowered and the famous Ferrari-exclusive 20-inch matte silver wheels are protected by tires that are more forceful.

Minor adjustments to improve the throttle response have been done to the speed demon’s V12’s software with its 611 horsepower. The retuned F1 transmission is now capable for even faster shifts.

To elevate the new kick-ass 599s with its GTE package, the modified 599s bear new grilles, special wheels, and a matte black rear diffuser. Of course, even the interior has been improved with its two-tone seats and carbon fiber trims.

The Handling GTE Package is expected to add $25,000 to the 599’s base price.


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