Sunday 19 July 2009

Ferrari F430 GT3

Originally based on the Ferrari F430 Challenge, the Ferrari F430 GT3 is a specialized racing car designed for the FIA GT3 European Championship, but also used in other national GT championships. It is mechanically similar to the Ferrari F430 Challenge, yet has some better developed aerodynamics, including large air exhaust vents in the hood.
Having a full 4.3 L engine the car is more powerful than the Ferrari F430 GT2 counterpart, however the Ferrari F430 GT3 rules require that the car has a weight/power ratio of about 2.6 kg/hp, hence the car has a minimum weight above 1200 kg (2646 lb) in race trim (driver and fuel excluded).[citation needed] Considering the less developed aerodynamics, and about 10% of extra weight, the car is clearly slower than the Ferrari F430 GT2 version; for example in the 2007 Spa 24h race, in which both models were entered, the Ferrari F430 GT3 spec vehicle was about 8 seconds slower in its best qualification lap times than the Ferrari F430 GT2 spec vehicle.


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