Saturday 25 July 2009

Ferrari 599XX Spied At The Track


FERRARI’S ROLLING “technological laboratory”, the 599XX, has been spotted lapping the supercar maker’s Fiorano test circuit in Italy.

Although based upon the flagship 599 GTB Fiorano, the 599XX won’t be available to your averaged cashed-up buyer. Instead, only a select few will be invited by Ferrari to purchase one of the high-tech supercars, which can only be driven on a circuit at Ferrari-sanctioned track events.


Ferrari says the 599XX is no mere millionaire’s plaything. The car has been extensively modified from the road-going 599 GTB and features a hefty dollop of race-derived technology.

Aerodynamic undertrays, carbonfibre parts, lighter engine components and F1-inspired brake covers all combine to reduce weight, increase power and lower drag, the result being a supercar that’s as scintillatingly fast as it is exclusive.

Power output is estimated to be 522kW at a stratospheric 9000rpm. The new aero package that reportedly generates over half a tonne of downforce above 300km/h will thus likely be called into play. Ferrari says it will lap the Fiorano circuit in a blistering 1 minute, 17 seconds.


While the 599XX is not built to conform to any racing codes, and owners won’t be able to use their cars competitively, they will be afforded the opportunity to drive them as fast as possible on select racetracks in order to gather data for Ferrari’s technicians.

This data will then be used by Ferrari to develop its next generation of high-end sportscars.

Ferrari customers with a long history of Ferrari ownership will be invited to buy the 599XX, and production will be extremely limited. Most people will never get the opportunity to see the 599XX in the metal. We’ll have to content ourselves with the images following.


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