Thursday 23 July 2009

Ferrari Offers Free Roadside Assistance for Out-of-Warranty Models in Europe

Owners of older and classic Ferrari models are a brave lot. With service costs that can be conservatively described as "higher than average," even well-maintained cars can quickly run multi-thousand dollar charges when it comes time for routine servicing. Fortunately, Ferrari is helping to soften the blow of its authorized service center labor costs just a bit by introducing a free roadside assistance program for owners of out-of-warranty vehicles.

The new "With You" roadside assistance program will offer 12 months of coverage that will include reimbursement for towing charges to the nearest authorized service center as well as hotel other expenses to cover either returning home or continuing with the interrupted journey. The program is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be activated free of charge by calling the Ferrari Client Service center.


Every Ferrari model built since the automaker was established in 1947 is eligible for the protection program, so long as it is not currently under a factory warranty - in which case, free roadside assistance coverage is already offered. Ferrari's current standard warranty with a new car purchase is four years, with extended warranties available up to 10 years. The program will start in Italy, later expanding to other areas in Europe. There is no word on whether the "With You" program offer will be extended to Ferrari owners in the U.S.


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