Saturday 25 July 2009

Spied: Ferrari 599XX Testing at Maranello

Since debuting the 599XX concept at the Geneva auto show, Ferrari has spent the last four months carefully readying the ultimate playboy pleasure toy for limited consumption. Our photographers caught it testing at Maranello, and, compared against the Geneva concept car, this 599XX carries some small exterior changes, including a reshaped rear wing, and air intakes and outlets.

The second iteration of the "XX" program, wherein Ferrari selects customers to buy a car and then allows them to drive it every once and a while, the Ferrari 599XX is a thoroughbred racing machine, boasting technology straight from the company's Formula 1 efforts. Take the carbon fiber doughnut shields on the brakes, or the winglets on the C-pillar; they're part of the "Actiflow" active-aerodynamic package, which generates 440-lbs of downforce at 124 mph.


Oh, and there's the 700-hp V-12, too. It boasts a stratospheric 9000 rpm redline. And despite a 100-hp deficit between it and the FXX, word from Europe puts the 599XX in front of its predecessor on a racetrack.

But, like the FXX, you can expect a production run countable with your fingers and toes.



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