Wednesday 29 July 2009

Ferrari Special Edition Scuderia Spider 16M

This Ferrari Special Edition Scuderia Spider 16M is the ever so drop dead gorgeous Ferrari F430 Scuderia with a missing roof. Well… Yes, it is. It’s got a few added gizmos like badges stating that’s it a limited edition and a built-in Ipod Touch (WHY?) that fits right into the dash — but other than that they pretty much look and feel the same…

The 16 stands for the 16th F1 win as a constructor — but I’m assuming that’s just a consolation prize after losing the F1 championship to British Lewis Hamilton.

Anyways, no reason for too much criticism, it’s a good looking convertible ferrari and I’m sure it’ll be a great drive. Expect the price range to be well over $300,00, though…


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