Monday 9 August 2010

Road Test Cagiva Navigator | Review | Specifications

cagiva navigator
Road Test Cagiva navigator | Review | specifications

Ducati has been shouting about the new Multistrada them, claiming it was kind of a new motorcycle is a true mixture with sportsbike handling ENDURO style comfort: the "real world real world for motorcycle riders," because they will have it.

Meanwhile, Cagiva had been quietly revised their noble Navigator: "not like a different bike. Power and comfort in an unbeatable mix - the essence of off-road and road bikes together for the first time."

Now come on children, we all know the super has been around almost trailie for old Yamaha XT500.

Navigator updates for 2004, including a stylish black frame and wheels blurred, with the same finish on the blanket cylinder and the luggage rack.

Came stonking performance offerings unburstable Suzuki TL1000S 90-degree V-twin (the previous version used Ducati motorcycles). Re-injection mapping and engine have been making this engine more docile and better suited for touring.

6000rpm engine is limited to six (top) gear. This is the perfect bike for the long haul with a decent interval between services - valves need shimming only every 15,000 miles.

Motor churned out nearly 100bhp, more than enough for this crowd cycle 210kg to 130mph.

1000cc Nav which is a pretty good control, in part thanks to the 18in wheel and right rear suspension sorted. Even fully loaded Navigator can be thrown through corners with confidence. If things do not get a little too interesting twin front discs and calipers Nissin soon bring things under control.

Half-gifts and display wind and rain continued to fall drivers and passengers, and double elliptical headlights throw a strong beam for night riding.

Trunk alloys come as standard, and there are various options panniers and top box to provide 140 liters of storage space for long-term journey.

Cagiva also give serious thought to pillion rider too. In addition to comfortable chairs in an efficient silencer heat shield.

Navigator is a comfortable two-up travelers who really motors, and is very fun when you hit the curve. A versatile top, just like the Multistrada - only much cheaper. So, what's stopping you? The bum perch only 800mm from the deck so that even shorties can give Nav try.

Cagiva Navigator 1000


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