Thursday 12 August 2010

Monobike, Motor Listrik 3 Roda

The designers continue to struggle in order to present a concept motorcycle that is environmentally friendly, and efficient place, especially for urban use.

And maybe the result is a motorcycle concept called Monobike. A concept electric motorcycle, which could even parked vertically for
save space in your garage.

As reported by Topspeed on Thursday (04/29/2010) Monobike designed by Elijah Vostrov with a focus on ease of maneuvering in all aspects of it, so
allows you to get a parking space in crowded urban future.

Electric motor concept consists of two parallel front wheels that can be tilted to right and leftist, plus a small tire stern section.

This configuration allows the rider to accelerate Monobike up to speed 110 mph. Motorists can also set the acceleration and change the direction of the wind as necessary.

And if felt still less challenging for dikebut, the rider can lift small tires on the rear, so that driving characteristics can be more aggressive when only two parallel wheels.

Overall, Monobike concept is interesting, but unfortunately there is still no details about how the amount of power electrical machinery, as well as coverage


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