Thursday, 5 August 2010

Matic Modification Contest

While this phenomenon is matic motor modifications are so popular. Not with the exception of Djarum Black Motodify of the opening special classes of motor matic modification. Talking motor matic modifications that can not be separated from the Yamaha Mio. Views simple motor that is used by many modifikator-modifikator to shed their ideas modif. Here are 2 Mio victorious in the local event Djarum Black Motodify Samarinda.

The Hottest Airbrush Animation

Bring the theme of Transformer animated film, the body Mio that this is indeed a visible light in the event Djarum Black Motodify Samarinda 2008. See how Mio outside this body, except as shock seat, close velgnya overdrive and that is the withdrawal berbalur airbrush Transformer cartoons running. Achmad the owner is fortunate or who are called familiar direction from this direction Motor, Karangasar, Samarinda Hulu, which look so serious and play in the Mio Transformer display this one.

"The first we see there has never been a motor ngangkat theme airbrush about robots. So me and my friends tried to apply the theme from the cartoon robot Transformer for motor diairbrush in this," said the direction of the initial selection of ideas in motornya theme airbrush. About pengecatan motor itself is done with the very serious to take 1 month. Details are very carefully by the airbrusher, Winarko. The materials used in motor pengecatan Mio wear this color plus varnish Candy Super Shaker.
"I think this motor in excess of minimalist design and feasibility of the road," said the direction of excess motornya. Mio is not surprising that the number skruit 9 this dinobatkan as jawara The Best Airbrush Animation. Salut a airbrusher Samarinda.

The Best Matic modification

Matic view that this is indeed a combination of modernity and tradisionality. See how Mio motor that some parts of the already seen this motorized trim parts with a cohesive-standard parts that are unique to Yamaha Mio.
About his Motorcycles, youngest explains "The idea early this motor was built basically many consumers in a workshop that I have come down to participate in the event Black Motodify. The concept, I want to make the Mio with the great concept that can be possible and feasible way is to join the contest." "Duration of motor this operation from the beginning to take three months," he adds.

Excess motor lansiran Mio 2008 this could reach up to a degree The Best Matic design modification is the view that grafic Dayak pattern trim, monel and the implementation of the six items takometer as a sweetener. Besides, the use of motorized already applied to the motor is started from the adoption seat with hydrolic system operated by remote. Overall view motor Mio modifacator workshop youngest VM Samarinda across this really is enough great and become eligible for the Best Matic modification.
If you see the spec-spec and display two original composition Mio children Samarinda above is not surprising if they are able jawara in the classroom so that they follow. This is a hint that the paper modification Samarinda children no less intense compared with modifications in other cities. Salut make the modifikator and Samarinda in East Kalimantan in general.

Matic Modification Contest


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