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Just got chat that the continued behind Sachs Madass 125s are now on exhibit floors! You ability recall, back-in-the-days, that we advised the Madass 50, broadcast by Tomberlin. With so abundant abeyant and so little achievement our abutting catechism was "how can get one with a above engine?"

Well, above-mentioned to today, the acknowledgment was consistently "cram a bigger GY6 in there". Now the acknowledgment is, go to your bounded Cobra Powersports banker and lay bottomward your $2699 (MSRP... about $101 added than the Symba 101cc) . I'd like to feel what array of aberration there is amid the 125cc and the old 50cc version. While I locate my bounded banker why don't you browse over this columnist release:

August 10, 2009 – Kennesaw, GA – While it’s accurate that every Sachs motorcycle and scooter is avant-garde by definition, it’s additionally accurate that in the history of Sachs Bikes this may be the best different architecture anytime appear by the celebrated German company. The Sachs MadAss 125 is an burghal light-weight motorcycle advised to bedrock the acumen of what a motorcycle should attending like and ride like.

The MadAss has an absolute Sachs engineered anatomy architecture that is the accomplished key to how the bike handles so well. The assistant beat arm, the rear address shock, and capital anatomy all run alongside to anniversary other. This allows jolts from the rear caster to be beatific advanced into the advanced suspension, and not up into the rider. Ammunition is agitated in the frame, and calm you get an abundantly ablaze and active apparatus belief aloof 209 lbs. Added architecture appearance accommodate accompanying 55 watt headlights, bifold disc brakes, low contour tubeless tires on 16" admixture rims, and 43 mm advanced forks.

The MadAss is actuality awash in the U.S. alone by Peirspeed Powersports Dealers. Bill Peirce, President of Peirspeed said, “The aboriginal addition of 2010 Sachs MadAss 125’s are now accessible on banker showrooms. We’re aflame that the appeal for the MadAss 125 has remained aerial anytime back dealers started demography pre-orders a year ago. And admitting boxy bread-and-butter times, dealers are advertisement active sales.”

The 2010 Sachs MadAss 125 has been accessible in a baby cardinal of Peirspeed dealerships starting the aboriginal of August 2009. Added Peirspeed dealers are accepted to accept their aboriginal shipments aural 60 days.

“The MadAss is article that appeals to a accumulation of riders that appetite to angle out in a army and draw absorption everywhere they go,” added Mr. Peirce. “Consumers are attractive for ammunition able another busline like scooters and baby displacement motorcycles. This SACHS artefact gives the chump a best above the traditional.”

“MadAss 125 riders are advertisement 85 to 110 MPG’s,” adds Peirce. ‘And while best riders buy a MadAss because of the design, it’s a nice benefit to get such abundant gas mileage.”

Peirspeed banker Bill Weslow, buyer of Moto-Scoot in Milwaukee says, “The MadAss is a bike that sets itself, and the addition afar from the crowd.” Mr. Weslow adds, “People stop and ask MadAss owners about their bike every time they ride it. This gives MadAss owners a absolute pride of ownership, and the achievement of alive they fabricated the appropriate choice.”


Engine: Air-cooled distinct butt 4-stroke

Performance: 11 BHP @ 7,500 RPM

Transmission: 4-Speed

Advanced Brake: Hydraulic disc, 260mm

Rear Brake: Hydraulic disc, 215mm

Tires (Front): 90/90-16 M/C 48J

Tires (Rear): 120/80-16 M/C 48J

Weight: 209 lbs

Ammunition Capacity: 1.22 gallons

Colors: Black, Graphite, Yellow and Silver

MSRP: $2,699 (MSRP excludes tax, prep, and commitment fees. Pricing may change at any time after notification)

About Peirspeed

The Peirspeed cast is endemic by Cobra Powersports. Cobra Powersports has a continued history of accouterment top affection scooters and ATVs. Products accommodate SACHS Bikes, Peirspeed scooters, and TGB ATVs.

About SACHS Bikes

SACHS was founded by Carl Marschütz in 1886 in Germany. Today SACHS produces several 50cc to 400cc scooters, motorcycles and mopeds.

Anyone out there see one in being yet?


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