Tuesday 10 August 2010

Luxury Honda Vario Modify

Honda Vario Luxury Styles

Vario Limousines Style

Modifikasi Honda Vario

Limousine and luxury appearance is identical with the long dimension. This is what inspires Gede Hariadi Satya, MBA, to modify the Honda Varionya. “But, is not synonymous with big-matic, that’s the market,” said resident Denpasar, Bali, this.

Asep M1 Anggara from home modifications to make Hariadi challenged by two-wheeled limousine. Because the owners did not want big-matic, Asep was forced to change the body of a width which is not far from the standards.

Armed with this message, backdated to the wheel axis 65 cm. To make a withdraw-withdraw, Asep must work twice. First, he said, in the order, precision under the deck. This means that in front of the retreat, which usually sustains the passengers departed.

In this region, to lengthen up to 20 cm. This is what makes the look so the other deck. Because they relate to safety, joining in this section using an iron pipe with diameter of 5 cm with a thickness of 2 mm.

Effect, the very top of the riding position, let alone been on the handlebars re-custom made grip position closer to the rider. If you’re still wearing naked handlebars, said Hariadi, then the rider must hold hard.

The first job is to make withdraw-withdraw dilakoni. Then, last job was the installation of retreat along the 65 cm-that shirk. This size is long enough, indeed. But that’s the ideal size for the wheels and sepatbor, especially for the rear wheels that have been adopted 9.5-inch alloy wheels and more than half the circle is covered sepatbor.


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