Sunday 8 August 2010

Kegunaan Fairing Pada Motor

Suzuki Motorcycle FairingSuzuki Motorcycle Fairing

1. Aerodynamics: Fairing serves to reduce wind resistance during high-speed motor. Actually, the motor speed is still below 160 km / h still not really need fairing. If asked, it is important where the use of fairing, in the MotoGP class, or 125 cc? The answer is 125 cc. Why? Because this bike is very lightweight and far less energy than the motor in MotoGP class (although far less top speed). Good Fairing minimal fairing air resistance, so not only protected the motor from the harsh wind, as well as any jockey. On the other hand, must be fairing well to channel the wind machine parts that require cooling or to the intake airbox that needs fresh air supply. Air pressure in the airbox grown large enough, because very influential on the peak power. For that, the form of fairing, airbox funnel intake and should be possible harmonist designed.

2. Views motor: motor manufacturers with one another always wanted to be different! There was a trend in the design fairing and body as a whole, but each manufacturer tried to find characteristics of each, and different from other manufacturers (this of course does not apply to manufacturers who are not professional). If a manufacturer has found a form acceptable to the market a long time, it means fairing shape is reached Classic ''form''. See it, and the fairing Ducati 916 Yamaha R1 RN01 (916nya Japan), they continue to color the fairing shape generation until today. Another example is the Suzuki Hayabusa, it still seems to present the basic concept .... Compare with Honda or Kawasaki Superbike that seems to be still groping for identity the fairing.

3. Sponsors: Fairing's the coolest billboard in the world 2 wheels!

4. In the race, the bottom of the fairing should be able to accommodate at least 3 liters of fluid. The bottom fairing must be able to accommodate in case of engine oil leakage. Naturally, because of oil on the track means the end for the motor racing behind him.

5. Fairing is used to cover the additional devices are kept secret! Only mechanics, team members and the committee can look-peered, what's behind the fairing ...

6.Fairing used to hide the device-mystical devices, such as a cow bell, mini keris knife gold leaf etc.. which serves to make the motor accelerated faster than his shadow.

7. Fairing is used drivers to commemorate his father's services to pay for drivers racing with the team interesting.


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