Sunday, 1 August 2010

Features Daytona Hubless Monster

 Features Daytona Hubless Monster Features Daytona Hubless Monster - Modifications such as Harley Davidson flat

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Mike started the year out all the stops with the creation of The Motorcycle Monster Hubless. Many secret conversations led to the creation largest Motorcycle Tire World, The 360x18 by Vee Rubber. Not stopping there, a 23 "diameter tires were also developed. Production molds start and Mike started with the construction using plywood and steel" model "of what the tires will look like. 360 new tire is so wide and with a limited production time ( 2 Month) that he decided to use a friction drive technology from Ferris Wheel Carnival, plus the drive systems must be concealed. Bike will include at least the amount of sheet metal that was used in bicycle Amen. Mike decided to take the pictures for The Hubless Wheels that have been 8 years, and build a REAL Bike Hubless. The "Sheet Metal" produces a box fabricated structural steel panels used to mount the wheel and drive systems. Bicycles are very Revolutionary and Historic that follows is a detailed list of achievements.


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