Monday, 2 August 2010

2010 Aprilia RSV4 Base

2010 Aprilia RSV4 Base Aprilia RSV4 Base:
Aprilia RSV4 not even reached the dealers in the U.S. yet, and already there is speculation as to what will come next year. With the BMW finally spilled the beans to S1000RR pricing structure, must have seemed obvious that Aprilia will have many problems RSV4 hocking a long awaited chance at surplus prices RSV4 $ 6,000 that it will have more than Japan and BMW.

To combat this, there is speculation began to get around that Aprilia will release base "model (they do not like calling it a basic model, but that's it) and then in 2010, to compete with the cheaper model. Rumors peg the price of a basic model for around $ 4,000 less than the factory model, which is due out later this year.

When you consider the fact that traditional RSV4 itself has been below the price of Ducati, with comparable performance, is easy to see that the new RSV4 motorcycle is not intended to be a baseline. In contrast, the V4 Aprilia which aims to compete head-to-head with the Ducati 1198S, with the same specifications and the possibility of cheaper prices (we're guessing $ 1,500, plus or minus $ 500). This means there's no competing with Aprilia in 1198, and 1198R (for exit). Meanwhile, Aprilia has never tried to compete with R, they created a new step by not covering all the Ducati line-ups below.

Aprilia must know they will lose sales because the price point. It's hard to justify the nearly $ 20,000 motorcycle. That is why the rumors about the basic "model" was so believable. If what we hear is true, you can expect to see one next year, cheaper model, in say the range of $ 15,000 - $ 16,000, which will retain the overall characteristics RSV4 Factory, but including componanents less exotic. Namely, non-ohlins suspension, less or no carbon fiber, no forged aluminum rims, etc.

Reports have even indicated that the variable intake will go, but indicates that power will remain the same figure. We are having a hard time believing that part of the rumor, and will expect to see some kind of differential power. But, it will not be the first time differential Aprilia blurred their products like that, so no one knows anyone.

Finally, it seems destined to RSV4 ABS, although it is unclear whether that would mean 2010, or 2011. With the BMW was upping the ante by offering as an option on S1000RR, we would not be surprised if Aprilia gave it a try, and if Ducati added, all bets are off.


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