Sunday 25 July 2010


speedo meter yamaha nouvoMODIF YAMAHA NOUVO LOWDRAG

Johanes Hanafie modifications made his impress on the Yamaha Nouvo mediocre. Understandable, because the concept leads to a drag. Thus, according to the boss's house the X-16 Motor modifications have elements combined with the low rider (Lowdrag).

Aura is a very strong drag on the sector body. Attention to the design style or racing style. "For instance, on the side of the fin is made there must be a kind of thick with the aura of his racing career," explained John.

Once the stirrup, and also to model the exhaust position. The entire body is regenerated using a plate. Chromated all looks so futuristic and modern. Interestingly, the model Sein LED lights on the left and right.

To exhaust, undertail-style special design with two shiny snout. According to John, accidentally chromated. Uniquely, alongside the same position lights Sein.

There are still other new things are done John on this Nouvo. Like custom rims with svelte model. But it was characteristic of the drag force. "Actually this is a rim variation with 14 bars. Because you want to get the effect of thin, circumcised lived eight bars. Cross has a size a little thin so strengthening the slim effect," explained John.

The other nyeleneh, move the rear sokbreker position. Fixed double, he said, just using a Suzuki Satria F-150. And besides, and he believed his position was still functioning perfectly, "he asserted
modif yamaha nuvo lowdragMODIF YAMAHA NOUVO LOWDRAG

kaki yamaha nouvowheels of yamaha nouvo low drag


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