Saturday 24 July 2010

Jaguar Luxury Sports Cars New XK-S

Jaguar will be launched a new XK limited edition model this month, the Jaguar XK-S. Like every Jaguar to carry the XK badge, the XK-S is all about performance with style – plus a large helping of individuality. The Jaguar XK-S offers its own spin on the 4.2 liter V8 XK in coupe form.
2010 Jaguar Luxury Sports Cars New XK S
As well as introducing the exciting new XFR at Detroit auto show, Jaguar also decided to overhaul the XK coupe and convertible range. All the cars get revised exterior styling with a different front bumper and rear valance, rear LED lights, and color-coded side vents. Inside, Jaguar has changed the center console to incorporate its unique gear selector, a rotary control that pops up after starting the engine.
The new engines feature direct injection and variable camshaft timing that is activated by torque generated by the opening and closing of the valves rather than by oil pressure. 
The naturally aspirated engine has a new variable intake manifold and camshaft profile switching in the intake cam, where there is lower lift at low rpm, helping gas mileage and torque below 3000 rpm.
The car offers a host of additional extras beyond the XK’s already impressive specification at no extra cost. In true Jaguar tradition, every XK-S will be a highly desirable car with an impressively accessible price tag.
The Jaguar XK-S customer will benefit from dramatic 20-inch Senta alloy wheels, luxury sports interior, a sporty brushed aluminum gear knob and bright finish pedals plus distinctive body enhancements: new front and rear valence panels, chrome-finished side vents and bright finish upper and lower front mesh grilles, special tailpipe finishers and appliqués on both sides of the car.
Jaguar said," Our cars meet the challenges of the modern world and the needs of today's consumers – and they're also true to the Jaguar philosophy of creating beautiful fast cars.'
While Jaguar was at it, the range has been simplified to two models—the Portfolio and the R. The revised XKs go on sale this summer as 2010 models.


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