Friday 30 July 2010

2010 New RZ Ultima Sports Cars Concept Model by Racer X Design

This ultimate RZ Ultima concept has always been on the top when it comes to performance and uses the same specs as the Ultima GTR. Its bodywork as well as weight remains almost the same so performance wise it should be very similar to the GTR. The RZ Ultima is a concept that can use the same rolling chassis, but replaces the bodywork in favor of a more modern and aggressive looks designed by the Racer X Design team.
2010 New RZ Ultima Sports Cars Concept
Sub ten seconds runs up the strip, quickest acceleration tuned car from zero to 100 mph, quickest deceleration from 100mph to 0. Every people all know the 2010 Ultima GTR. Performance which creates any production vehicle trail behind where it counts: Around a track! Based on top of the GTR car model technology existing chassis, the styling was intended to leave the chassis and running gear untouched.
This is what Racer X Design thinks a supercar features should be. Extremely quick car acceleration, stylish and fashionable, and unique interior and exterior. The 2010 New RZ Ultima Sports Cars Concept promises every one of these qualities and more.
One of the craziest supercars famous Guinness World Record for the sprint from zero to 100 mph (160 km / h) and then again to zero.
The 2010 New RZ Ultima Sports Cars Concept styling was designed to leave the chassis and running gear untouched because Racer X Design thinks the way it is built is the way a supercar should be. The Ultima GTR is extremely quick, stylish and unique. Adding the RZ Ultima easthetic touches takes the Ultima GTR to the next level of prominence.
High car performance with designed with sporty style metallic black color looks very cool super sports car. 2010 RZ Ultima is a aerodynamic race car concept technology with aerodynamic body kit design with some innovative modified in some parts make this car more wonderful.
The 2010 RZ Ultima new car concept is proposed for those people who want every one of the performance which the GTR car model presents but with a more refined appearance. Yet if this is still in design phase, the car manufacturer company believe it has the possible to be the ultimate supercar.
The RZ Ultima Concept from Racer X Design engine includes a 720bhp Chevrolet V8 engine, the 990 kg British-built GTR720 complete the 0-100 mph acceleration and braking run in a mere 9.4 seconds.
Fast as the Ultima GTR is nice – at least not in a Ferrari way. That’s where “Racer X Design steps in. The company in Malta, where KC427 some cars like the Alfa Romeo GTV Evoluzione and the Cobra, has a proposal for a new design for the Ultima GTR to be submitted to remember.
The Racer X Deisgn is a company that has designed and built some of the best show cars in the business, Winning first place awards in the XLR-8 live competition every time it competed, with 4 different demo cars in 2 different classes for body styling.
Ultima GTR rolling chassis without touching them, and the addition of a more elegant-looking body of the British sports car. Drawings by hand, no specific details of the load RZ released, but Racer X Design, the company said those interested to contact for more information.


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