Saturday 31 July 2010

1978 Vespa Classic Scooter Modification

1978 Vespa Classic Scooter Modification1978 Vespa Classic Scooter Modification

Development of the automotive world increasingly wheel adds two-country motorcycle modification lively contest, is proven by the many variants of a modified motorcycle to competed in the event of Djarum Black MOTODIFY. Of the many new types of motor modified different one, the only Vespa lansiran lawas 78 years took part in the contest mat motor modifications MOTODIFY Djarum Black House Pontianak Convention Center (PCC), Pontianak, West Kalimantan (7 / 11) .

Vespa who fell in the category Entertainment On Bike This has changed in some parts but not much change the look of the original. Zul Eko Purwanto is usually called Eko, the owner of Vespa memodif not as extreme as possible so that the smell is very strong originality, which differ only visible vespa body longer because jointed plate with 30cm long. Not only was the fuel tank was removed and a custom made tank with a new holder. This type of motor scooter looks much nicer in blue disekujur body. Scooter that comes from Italy is becoming more fashionable with the installed set of audio and sound system with car batteries dole.

Although classified as a motor lawas, Vespa is still relying on the original part, it looks at the legs and the machine. On the front foot is not going change, forks and braking systems and tromolnya still original. Meanwhile, the rear legs only to adopt the brand suspension Kayaba and other parts are still original. Engine block and piston still wearing the standard Vespa, the exhaust gas channel was still maintaining its authenticity. For ignition, siempunya just replaced with a magnetic CDI excel.

His name is incomplete motor contest it does not use a variation of accessories. Part of the victim is a variation that uses a foothold Suzuki Satria foot step. Stang also changed by using a custom handlebar and gas using gas cartridges brand spontaneous Daytona, headlights custom Congo adopted. What is unique is the scooter that uses boncenger bench acrylic materials that are decorated skull underneath.


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