Wednesday 21 July 2010

Lowrider Vario with Harley Davidson SteerHarley Davidson

lowrider vario with harley davidson steer lowrider vario with harley davidson steer1

lowrider vario with harley davidson steer2 lowrider vario with harley davidson steer3

Lowrider Vario with Harley Davidson Steer from Bali

Habits sometimes die hard, as shown when modifying Thinq Honda Vario. Used to modify the Harley-Davidson, some characteristics of the motor that American products were seen in this 2007 scooter production. Most thick, it looks at the handlebars with a clothesline pole model high as 60 cm. He said, hell, adjust the height of 180 cm Thinq. Then, the two wheels wearing large size, 8-inch rear and the front 4 inches. The front was a little change. Note deh, more tilted position so sokbreker tires become more backward. “This change alone only after the display,” explained Thinq. And changes made at the corner of the triangle making new ones. Incidentally, he continued, the front wheels are 4 inches needs a new triangle.

This change is not no consequences. He admitted, swivel angle becomes greatly reduced and that the risk for the sake of appearance. Try lyrics CVT cover, the motor was contrived style of Uncle Sam. So was the back. He is more sip a rigid model alias no shock absorbers. He just make retaining arm with a framework using stainless steel pipe sizes 2 inches. The most extreme, low flow rider has a different touch than the other skutik. Back axle is not remarkably after the back-large use retreat retreat to 43 cm. “Deliberately created so because it wants all look fit if the long view,” Thinq call.


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