Sunday 26 June 2011

Speed Up With Audi

Advancement through Technology is what Audi promotes. 2007 has proven a great year for Audi. They have come up with the Audi A5 grand tourer, which is a luxury 2 door coupe. The S5 was launched at about the same time as the A5, and this is a more aggressive vehicle. The RS5 hasn't been announced, while the RS6 is planned to be out in 2009. Another car launched in 2007 by Audi is the R8 road car, even if this car had previous appearances in public the first being in 2003. This is a sports car that has some Lamborghini features such as the transmission and the chassis. Audi did this move because it owns Lamborghini. The Audi R8 was called the Best Handling Car of 2007 by Autocar magazine.

For the year 2008 Audi prepares the Q5. This model will be a mid sized luxury crossover SUV. The revolutionary feature of this car will be the modular longitudinal platform, which first appeared in the A5 luxury coupe. The manufacturing process will take place at Ingolstadt, which is Audi's home town. The presentation of the Q5 is programmed at the Geneva Auto Show in 2008. Another Q model is the luxury size SUV the Q7, presented to the public in 2006. The body style of the Q7 is the 5 door SUV, with a front engine and a four wheel drive layout.

The Audi A1 is going to be launched in 2009and it is going to be a super mini coupe. It will be based on the Audi MQB platform (modular transverse matrix). The style of this upcoming model is said to be based on the Audi Shooting Brake concept car. This model will be manufactured in Brussels, the Belgium. The Audi A1 will have as its main competitor the MINI. The most recent racing forms of Audi include the Sport Quattro and the R10. All these present excellent features and are speedy cars. The R10 has a maximum speed of 354 kilometers per hour!

Other models of Audi that you can check out are the Audi A3, the A4, the A5, the A6, the A8, the Allroad Quattro, the RS4, the S4, the S5, the S6, the S8 or the TT. All in all, if you are an Audi fan, you are probably anxious to see what the new 2008 and 2009 models will look like. However, you can take a look on the Internet and you might be able to see a preview of these Audis.


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