Tuesday 21 June 2011

New Car Audio Stereos From Pioneer For 2011

Pioneer have just announced their new range of affordable car stereos that are set to be released in mid-February. The new multimedia centres are a stylish range, designed with ingenuity, to cover your entertainment needs on the road without taking your discs (CD's & DVD's) on the road with you.

Designed to meet your needs, the MVH-7300 and MVH-8300BT are designed specifically for you and your preferred multimedia form. Unlike prior stereo models that have been limited to the good old mp3 player, the MVH-7300 and MVH-8300BT can tap into various multimedia forms, including:

- SD Card,
- SDHC card (large SD cards at 32gb),
- USB,
- And Portable Aux in multimedia sources.

The 7300 also can access DivX video playback from SD or USB sources, making it a stereo that encompasses all modern entertainment capabilities.

The new MVH series also benefits from a full colour TFT screen, which can be tailored to your own style, using the background and colour scheme changing function. Not only does it offer you ultimate style, the front slot allows you to slot your SD or USB in and play MP3 files, WMA and i-tunes AAC files.

Pioneer do not relinquish quality in favour of style as they have advanced their stereo quality by including an Advanced Sound Retriever, which restores the details of music that is often lost in compression of files, enabling you to still get high quality sound music without taking up all your space on your iPod. Plus, an 8 band equalizer allows you to adjust the music according to your preferences. Pioneer have also made it easy for you to build your car audio system bit by bit by adding high volt pre-amp outputs for external speakers and subwoofers.

Technology wise, the new Pioneer range is pretty neat, as it can access content, apps and videos through a connected iPhone or iPod touch using App mode. App mode enables you to listen to internet radio, access games, videos and musical instrument simulators. The MVH-8300BTmodel also includes Bluetooth Parrot mode, enabling you to listen through the speakers whilst speaking through the external speaker.

With a 7 way rotary commander, the Pioneer MVH range makes it easy to jump through menus, music, lists etc, solely using one useful dial.

The MVH-7300 and MVH-8300BT combine luscious looks and style, with practicality, quality and the latest in technology. So whatever your preferred multimedia forms, you can hook it up and connect with the latest Pioneer car audio systems.


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