Tuesday 21 June 2011

All-Electric Full-Size Sedan by Tesla - Tesla's Model S Sedan

Tesla Model S sedan an all-electric, full-size sedan with seating for seven. Unlike the Tesla Roadster, which Tesla Motors has stop producing, the Model S was designed entirely in-house. Tesla Model S sedan will combine the knowledge gathered from the 10-million real-world driving miles from the Roadster, means the Tesla Model S will be a truly unique automobile.

Top Car Picks for Eco-Conscious Green Guys
The days of yore when masculinity was partly defined by how big one's truck was or how much fuel one's SUV could consume are, fortunately, gone. Men are much more pragmatic and attitudes have shifted. Now don't get me wrong, there will always be something satisfying about driving a really big truck or a really fast car, but for many of us guys we find it much more fulfilling to drive vehicles that meet our needs and limit our impact on the environment.


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