Thursday 23 June 2011

How to Build a Golf Cart for Off-Roading

It's easy to modify a golf cart for off-roading. Building your own golf cart is a satisfying experience because you can say that you did it yourself and you'll also save a lot of money.

Methods to Strip Off an Old All Terrain Vehicle Tire From the Wheel
Extracting a 4 wheel All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tire from the wheel could be a difficult challenge. Observe all these basic steps, makes use of the right equipment and in many cases an amateur can discover ways to replace a tire with ease. The first thing should be to remove the wheel and tire from the hub and lie down your wheel on to the floor with the outside of the wheel facing up.

Troubleshooting Your Go Cart Engine
Once in a while we experience troubles in our go cart engines. While it's easier to just have a mechanic take a look at it, you may be charged an arm and a leg to have it fixed. What you don't know is that there are some engine troubles you can fix without a mechanics expertise. You don't need to run to a mechanic each time you experience a weak spark or no spark on your engine. For instance, if you're engine uses points then you can try changing the plug and replacing the points. Performance problems are a longer discussion but it involves gapping the coil in order to improve the engine's power.


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