Tuesday 8 February 2011

How To Choose And Purchase Best Wiper Blade Online With Your Car

Every year car manufactures make many changes in the car models even if the make is the same. Thus, a wiper blade for 2000 model will differ from that of the 2001 model of the same car. These wiper blades will come in different widths, lengths, curvature and styles.

When you need to buy new wiper blades, it's best to consult your owner's manual for the wiper blade size. Or else the easiest way is to detach your blades and take them to the store. However, if the blades too are missing, you have no option but to consult the car dealer. You can also refer to the wiper blade size chart below and find your car and model and the size of blades accordingly. You buy a set of blades, be sure to match them on the right positions of your car. The wiper blades size for most cars is 20" to 22" in length and in case of foreign made cars, the wiper blade size is smaller.

You will find wiper blades sizes of cars that are as old as 30 years in stores. You should know your car make, model and year of manufacture when you go to buy new wiper blades. Also, if you have a car or limited edition design, be sure to mention it to the store.

Depending on the car, the installation method will vary. For instance, an Audi will differ from a BMW or Toyota. But, for the most part, the installation should be simple and involve snapping in and out pieces. Usually there is a locking mechanism that attaches the windshield wipers to the wiper arm; which is in turn, connected to the blade motor. Unlocking this portion will enable the old wiper to come loose. Then, all you have to do is snap the new one in place and lock the mechanism up again to ensure that the replacement wiper is secure.

After a new installation, definitely test out the wiper blades before using them in real rain situations. You can go to a car wash or spray your car down with a water hose and click the wiper switch. If all goes well, you have successfully installed your new set of wiper blades.


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