Thursday 3 February 2011

ford focus 2011

Ford has presented, before the opening of the the Detroit Motor Show, the first information and pictures of the new generation Focus, a model that, this time, will be the same both in US and Europe.
Ford presented the first official pictures of the new generation Ford Focus 2011 that will have its world premiere during the day, at the Auto Show in Detroit. Unlike the previous generations, the new Focus is a global model, planning to have the same form in the US and Europe, which is also why the model is presented to anauto show in its native country. Moreover, Ford has chosen – for this very reason – to present, in the same time, both the hatchback and the sedan versions of the new model, the US market being accustomed to rather choose the ordinary four-door version than the Focus hatchback so present on the European streets.
Aesthetically speaking, the new Focus highlights a very clear belonging to the new line of models of the Blue Oval, being practically a larger version of the Fiesta subcompact model. Focus’s design is purely European, the car being  developed at a design center in Germany that the Michigan brand owns. The dimensions remained the same both for the sedan and the hatchback, the dimensions of the chassis and the suspension’s hardware being also borrowed from the old generation, with the necessary improvements.

The chassis and the entire suite of mechanical elements that make up the new model will be the basis of a series of 10 different models of the Focus family, models that will be lounched by 2012. At the engines chapter, the great new appearance will be represented by a Ecoboost 1.6-liter turbo unit that will rise to the same performance as the 2.0 liter engine that it replaces, provided that consumption will be, say the guys from Ford, “an exceptional one”. The Duratorq diesel engine will not escape the improvements, but these will be presented only in March, when the newFord Focus 2011 will make its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Both in U.S. and Europe, the new model from Ford will have a new automatic transmission with six-speed dual-clutch that promises, just like the 1.6-liter Ecoboost, interesting consumption figures.
The new generation Focus will be made in parallel in the Ford plants in Saarlouis (Germany), Michigan (USA) and Chongqing (China), following that, later, production sites in Spain and Russia to enter the game, too. The new Focus will go on sale in 2011.

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