Tuesday 8 February 2011

Canadian Joy Rider Takes BMW for a Spin, gets Caught going 240km/h - 150mph

An unnamed 20-year old man in a BMW (reportedly an SUV model) was arrested by police in Montreal on Saturday for driving 240 km/h or 150 mph on the A-720 highway in a 70 km/h or 44 mph speed zone. And here's where the story gets a bit more interesting as not only is this one of the worst cases of speeding in the country's history, but according to the police, the BMW did not belong to the young man. Some Canadian newspapers are even suggesting the man may have been a hotel valet that took the car for a late night spin on the highway.
The Montreal Gazette said local police "would neither confirm nor deny reports" he was a valet at a downtown Montreal hotel, and that he was taking out a guest's BMW for a joyride
Sgt. Guy Lapointe of the Quebec provincial police told The Star, "The only thing that I can tell you is that there have been no reports of a theft of the vehicle that was pulled over". CBC reported that the police said "the car has now been returned to its owner".
Hotel valet or not, the joy rider's "need for speed" earned him a hefty CA$2,598 (equal to about US$2,623 or €1,932) fine and 42 demerit points, which means he loses his license for at least six months.

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