Wednesday 9 February 2011

Citroën E-3POD Antistatic Concept for a Future Electric Vehicle

This here is the E-3POD Antistatic design study and it was revealed at the Royal College of Art’s Interim Degree Show in London as part of the Double Challenge project sponsored by Citroën and aerodynamic simulation software company EXA. The task of the second year students was to envision an ultra-compact vehicle that could influence the design language of the automaker’s future electric cars.
Created by Heikki Juvonen, the E-3POD Antistatic was favored by the judges due to its “bold and engaging take on an urban three wheel electric vehicle”. Winning the competition gives the talented student the opportunity to work at the PSA Design Center in Paris for six months.
“I’m thrilled Citroën selected my design as their favorite and I can’t wait to work with their talented team in France. As a designer I strive for new and better solutions. Good and sustainable design not only improves manufacturer brand image and sales, but can also help to preserve our environment”, Heikki said.

According to the designer, the single-seater electric trike is meant for urban commuting, but it doesn’t replace cars. Instead, it could be an addition to future households, positioned between bikes and cars.
The E-3POD has a simple, lightweight construction and excellent aerodynamics meaning that it can be powered by a small battery, which in turn reduces manufacturing costs and final price, making the theoretical production version affordable.
The advantages of the E-3POD reside in its small footprint, allowing for easy parking, and closed cockpit, which, unlike bicycles and public transport, creates a “comfortable and isolated personal space”. Furthermore, the short overall length transforms the design study into an agile vehicle, excellent for tackling heavy urban traffic.
“We’re delighted to be involved in this important RCA project. The students have produced some truly exceptional ideas for the future design of electric Citroën vehicles. This type of powertrain is increasingly recognized as an important solution for economically and environmentally viable urban transport; so it’s fantastic to see the electric visions of these potential car designers of tomorrow”, said Philippe Holland, Responsable Style Graphique at Citroën.


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