Sunday 23 January 2011

Mercedes Blackbird Design

Its not a secret anymore that the future car will look much different than the car we’re seeing today on the streets. And when you’re having lots of imagination is not very hard to picture how a future supercar will look like. For example what do you think: will a Mercedes model ever look like this?
Peter Vardai has designed the Blackbird, study that pay homage to Mercedes-Benz’s racing history. According to the designer, his concept is based on the feeling of speed and freedom and the streamlined body is supposed to evoke airplanes, speed and movement. The black and silver are strongly connected to the brand and they are making the first step in making the car looking exciting and dynamic. The sporty shape refers to the Mercedes’ success in auto racing and the bran’s revolutionary thinking.
While there is no chance just yet to see something like this on the streets just yet, you have to appreciate the guy’s wild imagination!

photos and video 

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