Friday 7 January 2011

Maxima Cold Air Intake - Better Performance Through Smarter Technology

 Maxima made by Nissan debuted in 1989 and still continues to be popular. In this period it has seen several generations. At present it is in its seventh generation which has been introduced in 2009. Some modifications have been made in each of these generations which explains its continued popularity and its ability to retain customers. Its main attraction is that it combines performance with luxury. It is a front-wheel driven mid-size sedan. A number of high-tech and luxurious features have been provided in the car as standard or as options. These include keyless ignition/entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, voice-activated navigation system, and rear-view camera. Moreover it has a high-quality pleasing interior This spacious sedan has ample power and gives a comfortable ride.

The performance of even a high performing Maxima can be further enhanced by installing suitable devices. Maxima cold air intake is one of the favored devices. They do not cost much and are easy to install. How they improve the performance will need some explanation. Power is generated in an automobile engine by combustion of the mixture of fuel and air. It is oxygen a component of atmospheric air which is responsible for combustion. If there is not adequate supply of oxygen combustion will not be complete and the engine will not generate full power. Air intake is a device that brings in cold air from atmosphere into the engine.

Why cold air is preferred will also need some explanation. During combustion engine becomes hot so does the air inside it. Hot air is lighter that means it is less dense and in the limited volume of the engine there is less of air if we measure it by its weight. That means less of oxygen which is detrimental for full combustion. Air intake brings in cold air from outside which is dense. Maxima cold-air intake allows a smooth flow of air inside the engine. Thereby you can get more power from the engine for the same quantity of fuel. It will help you in economizing on fuel and at the same time reduce pollution which are the two most desired objectives in the present times.

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