Tuesday 11 January 2011

Camaro Hoods - Unique And Exclusive Style

The Chevrolet Camaro was introduced to the market in the last 1960s as a response to the growing popularity of the Ford Mustang. It was available in the coupe and convertible formats and had a sporty appeal to it. Changes made in the car’s design in the 1970s saw its performance dip but it picked up momentum again in the middle of the next decade when its engine was made more powerful and athletic. This saw the pony car’s popularity rise and it became quite the hit amongst the younger crowd. The latest Camaro is the fourth generation version and still offers original V8 power, a rear-drive chassis, swoopy styling and a choice of coupe or convertible bodies. Unfortunately the car did not go down too well with many and it could not keep with the competition. As its sales plummeted, Chevrolet decided that it was time for the Camaro to make a respectable exit.

In a twist to the story, Chevrolet is all set to launch a transformed Camaro which will be reminiscent of the old version. It promises to churn out consistently good performances and also be pleasing to look at. Whether you own an older version of the car or a more recent one, there is always something more that you can do with the looks of your car. A great way to do so is by using the Camaro hoods. The function of the hood is quite easily understood but advances have been made in this field as well. New materials are being used for their manufacture which has many advantages over the others. One such material being used is carbon fiber. Hoods made of these are light which helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle which in turn helps to improve its performance. This means that there is better fuel consumption and you end up saving your hard earned money. As the weight on the front wheels is reduced, the steering becomes more responsive giving a livelier performance.

The Camaro hoods come in a variety of designs so you have plenty to choose from. 

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