Tuesday 11 January 2011

Keep Your Car Safe With Keyless Entry

Keyless entry remotes use computer chips to perform a number of functions in your car. These keys are shaped like a credit card or in some cases a remote and can help in securing your car from intruders.

The Keyless entry unlocks or locks your car just by pressing a button on the remote key from a distance. It also starts the engine automatically when you press the start engine button without turning in a key. Some of the smart keys automatically open the doors as well as start the car only by detecting the signals of the key nearby. The greatest advantage of the keyless entry system is that it allows you to get into your car and start driving it only if you have the key with you. It is a good safety feature along with having an added advantage of not having to search for your keys in all your pockets and bags when you are already getting late.

Before starting the engine itself, a program installed inside the vehicle detects and verifies the code of the smart key. The vehicle starts the engine only after both the codes match. These keys contain computer chips that have various codes encrypted on them. These codes can be interpreted only by the program installed in the car. The car does not perform any action in the absence of the codes signaled by the smart key. This new advanced key can keep your vehicle secure from thieves. Using the smart key is also the best option for those who don't want to carry different keys for various functions including car alarms and ignition keys.

If a thief tries to enter the car, the alarm will trigger automatically along with the flashing of lights and even if he does somehow enter the car, he will not be able to start the engine without the smart key. The smart keys can trigger a car alarm that has more than one sensors connected to a siren, unlike the traditional alarms which only had a sensor switch by the door of the driver which would go on if someone tried to open the door of the car. The new security system with the remote key enables numerous sensors which include motion detectors and switches and a siren that allows a distinct sound for alarming the intruder. After triggering the alarm it sends a wireless signal to the remote key informing of an invalid entry into the car through a radio transmitter.

All modern cars come with an inbuilt keyless entry system. Comparatively older models of vehicles do not have this facility, but many users are now opting to switch to remote keys in order to keep their car secure from intruders. Installing a key in your old car is an easy task as you can either manually do it yourself or have a professional install it for you. Along with the remote key system you get a manual which can assist you with the programming of the keyless entry. If you have lost your remote key, you can get a replacement remote for your vehicle at a very low price. You can find various keys and keyless entry remotes for all the models of vehicles. You just have to purchase the key and have it installed by your local locksmith.

If you want to equip your car with advanced features and keep it safe from thieves, you can search the web and find companies that offer key remotes enabled with car keyless entry at affordable prices.

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