Thursday 25 March 2010

still sketching

still sketching...

...decided to contribute a little bit to my blog before killin' it :)

Jabba the Hutt

One recent addition for the blog!

I have to inform all visitors , that soon this blog will be discontinued and will be re-placed with another one prior to my upcoming website.

I will post a message when that happens.

Have fun!

Yeah.....two moree weeks, but it's happening!!!!!!! I can't wait for ittt!!!!

The assembling&organizing of the flash presentation took longer than expected, but it is moving!...

So...I decided to post a sketch I did for fun the other night...

any comments?

Cooking brake!

Well....I was making some truffles with my girlfriend this night and I had a short gap of 15min and decided to scratch-up my tablet....

By the way, the truffles were awesome...

I love cooking!

And..... One from this morning, while drinking my tea of the first sketches of the 2008 year....

I did this Maserati in the afternoon...I think of making more sketches of the rear of that car - I've got some ideas that worth being developed. I will post soon more sketches of this coupe...and another sketches toooo..

I decided to post this one in order to gather some opinions about it. I started this project of mine at the end of 2005...still must finish it.
This is some kind of outdated topic, many people have tried the "organic thing" already...however, I thought...why not, let's see what we can do with it...
The Peugeot Leaf is concept based on the study of the organic shapes. The design theme is “sculpturing with leaves”. All the surfacing of the vehicle is dependant on this philosophy. I got some more sketchess of this one...but this one is enough to make the buzz for now.
Sooo....what do you think?


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