Thursday 18 March 2010

The New Mazda 6

Mazda never disappoint when bringing new models to the public and the Mazda 6 simply follows in the tracks of all the cars that came before it. The emphasis of this car is pure and indulgent fun, as only Mazda has brought to their loyal followers over the past decades.
With the world in a recession and numerous car manufacturers going out of business, the Mazda 6 could not come at a better time to lift the spirits of downtrodden car enthusiasts. The factors of economy and value for money could not be more important or looked at when new models come onto the scene nowadays.
Designers saw the need for a lightweight body and they did not disappoint, putting together a model in the Mazda 6 that saves enormous amounts of fuel. Tested to perfection in aerodynamic tunnels, the shape of the car is still unmistakably Mazda, but never did they forget about fuel economy in the design.
The result is a car that you just want to take for a drive if for nothing else for the pure enjoyment of driving such an exiting car. The Mazda 6 has a sporty look and feel to it that will excite most drivers, but in keeping with their track record of great safety, Mazda ensured that no safety feature was overlooked during manufacturing.
To add some fun, a long list of very high tech features like ultra new Bi Xenon head lights that adapt to all driving conditions, a push button to start that car with, a smart entry system and a very sophisticated lane change assistant that guides the driver all the way during these movements.
Sound inside the car comes from a blue tooth enabled Bose sound system with state of the art sound qualities. Imagine for a second driving a car that enjoys the experience as much as you do and all of this to the sound of your favorite tune.
The handling of the Mazda sports a sporty feel as you put this new model through its paces showing incredible athletic features. Not once do you feel out of control or even slightly threatened by the performance of the stable suspension.
Models available come in a 2. 5 litre petrol engine as the flag bearer in the stall, but a two litre as well 1. 8-litre model stands just as proudly. A very exiting model comes in the form of a two point two diesel option that has exceptional economy rates.
Co2 emissions make this diesel model fall right in line with the world trend of clean driving. The amazing fact is that this car delivers on all fronts expected from a sexy sporty car, yet it still takes care of the environment without loosing its sex appeal at all.
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