Thursday 25 March 2010

New The Koleos

The Koleos

Here are the images of the Koleos.
The Koleos Concept- Special Version won the special award for Best Industrialized project, given by Dassault Systems - the sponsor of the Berman Competition 2007.
Another award was given to this project by Auto&Design magazine for best proposal on the competition this year.

Dacia !!!

more sketches from the Dacia folder...

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Here we go again!

Hello to the old visitors, and the new ones too...

I do sorry for not posting anything for the last two months but I was quite busy.

Here is the work I did earlier this summer for the Berman Design Competition organised by the Italian company - Berman. More information about the company

The guidelines of the competition shortly:
Creating a special version of existing production or conceptual vehicle - focusing on the exterior only. I was allowed to add accessory parts or replace original OE components, bumpers, front grilles, side skirts, spoilers, mouldings etc. NO modification on the original bodywork permitted.

I was given two cars to work on: Jaguar CF-X and Renault Koleos.

The sports version of the Jaguar CF-X was focused on bringing more character and attitude to the car. I tried to bring distinctive and classical view to the vehicle, which at the same time is elegant, sporty and matches the Jaguar identity. Together with the British Racing Green colour, the general look of the car was enhanced by the use of white painted details or white chrome. I have considered couple of options for the material used for the side panels transforming the car. The more feasible and cheap way is using fibre-glass body panels, fitted to the existing bodywork. The second and more expensive in all the aspects, but more prestigious is the carbon-fibre. Panels stretched precisely with the shape needed and then fixed on the actual body of the vehicle.

Here are the images of the Jaguar....these days I will upload the Renault too. Hope you enjoy it!


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