Friday 23 October 2009

Top 10 Ferrari Cars

Here are the Top 10 Ferrari road cars for your reference.

1. F50: More modern than F40 and more focused than Enzo, it provides the best driving experience among Ferrari's 200mph supercars. The engine sound is awesome. I think it is the best supercar ever made. It is possibly the last Ferrari with engine based on Formula-1 car.

2. 250 GTO: Rare beauty. The performance is amazing for its era and is one of the first cars that made Ferrari legendary.

3. Enzo: Ferrari's pinnacle (for now).

4. 166MM: It brought Ferrari's earliest victories. Ferrari became a significant player in the automotive world because of this car.

5. F40: Enzo's last car and the genesis of modern superexotics. In my opinion the besk looking car ever made. It had a successful racing program that allowed it to compete with much more modern and expensive apponents.

6. 206/246 Dino: The first entry level Ferrari and is one of the best looking roadcars.

7. 365 Daytona: The best GT car of its era, and sets the standard for later cars like 550 Maranello and 599 GTB.

8. F355: The best looking entry level Ferrari with amazing sound.

9. 360 Challenge Stradale: A good looking car with amazing handling and amazing sound. A true racecar for the road.

10. 275 GTB/4: One of the greatest traditional front engine sportscars, and one of the best looking sportscars ever made.


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