Thursday 8 October 2009

The 9FF GT9 Porsche Sport Car

Porsche Sport Car 9FF GT9

Porsche Sport Car 9FF GT9 the engine features titanium con-rods and forged pistons, which was necessary to handle the 987hp output. Peak torque of 964Nm falls between 5,970 and 7,850rpm.
The 911 GT3 body, on which it’s based, has also been stretched by 300mm and has had the roof lowered by 120mm to maximize downforce at high speeds. Thanks to carbon-fiber and Kevlar construction, the entire vehicle will weigh in at just 1,326kg.
Although the car is loosely based on a Porsche 911, its mechanical package has been totally revised. Ditching the 911’s rear-engine layout, 9ff engineers created a custom mid-mounted engine design utilizing the tuner’s twin-turbo 4.2L flat-six engine.
Stranded somewhere between a racing car and everyday transport,the interior of the GT9 is, it has to be said, eye cancer material. Fatthauer's genial wife decided on the race suit-style dash and door trimmings and it makes you wonder what their house is like. Luckily it's a bespoke car, so the owners will get their choice of interior and it's hard to imagine anyone demanding this one. Still, it comes with a real stereo, passenger airbag and more, transplanted deftly from the interior of a 911, and Porsche owners will recognise most of the components on display - from the ignition slot right through to the handbrake and indicator stalks.


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