Wednesday 14 October 2009

2009 LM5 McLaren Concept Car by Matt Williams

2009 LM5 McLaren Concept Car

The LM5 was designed as a vehicle which could rekindle the drama and sophistication of the legendary McLaren F1. And while McLaren have since revealed the MP4-12C supercar, it's not exactly in the same league as the technological tour-de-force which was the original F1.
The McLaren LM5 is a concept created by Matt Williams, a graduate of Coventry University's Transportation Design degree program. The LM5 was produced as his final year project.
The styling of the F1 was primarily dictated by function. However it also retained a unique sense of character and presence. Williams thought it would be interesting to develop the brand identity of McLaren - but more specifically the F1 model - and bring it into the 21st Century. And while the LM5 concept was designed to offer a similar personality and overall stance to the F1, it was also designed to utilize more extreme and race-influenced bodywork.
2009 LM5 McLaren Concept Car

The McLaren LM5 concept features the same three-seat layout with a central drivers seat as the old F1. All three sports seats have an extremely slim profile to reduce weight and free up interior space, and instead of conventional safety belts all the seats feature racing-style four-point harnesses. The multifunction steering wheel features a central display for the tachometer.
The proposed engine for the McLaren LM5 concept is a worked over 5.0 litre V10 sourced from BMW. Mounted midship in the carbon fibre pre-preg chassis this unit would make the LM5 a force to be reckoned with on both road and track.
While the LM5 is at the moment just one man's idea of what the F1's successor could look like, the design itself uses both past and present McLaren influences giving it a sense of realism. And It's important to remember that McLaren themselves have made it public knowledge that they're working on developing a successor to their most iconic car within the next couple of years.


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